Real Estate pairing runs on trust

"Everybody should have a partner," said Jill Hertzberg, half of "The Jills",Coldwell Bankers" top-performing sales team. Its' incredible for us." Jill Eber, her partner, said their partnership evolved at another company when they began covering for each other during vacations. "About six years ago we decided to share an assistant and started doing business together," she said. The Jills agree their partnership works because they share much more than a name. "We share the same work ethic and morals," Ms. Eber said. Ms. Hertzberg added, "Our personalities and energy are aligned. We build each other up all the time." High on the list of advantages is that the partnership "allow us to have a life," Ms. Eber said. "I am not a morning person but Jill is. She'll be there at 6 a.m., I'll be there at 9 at night." "We're really committed to our clients and are 100 service oriented," Ms. Hertzberg said,"We work hard, but we also have fun".