Real Estate Royalty: The Jills Reign Over South Florida Real Estate Market

Living in the media-fueled society that we do, it’s seemingly impossible to avoid the constant reminders about our economy’s turmoil…everyone has felt a difference in their lives, one way or another. The line between those who prevail and those who don’t is not easily defined, though there are certain individuals who can succeed in any market.

Two of these success-driven minds are real estate tycoons Jill Eber and Jill Hertzberg, collectively known as The Jills of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Both share a similar set of ideals and work ethic that has led them to being renowned throughout the state of Florida as the top realtors for the world’s dignitaries, athletes, celebrities, and business leaders...By the year’s end we will have sold approximately $200 million. I believe that we’re going to continue to sell a lot of properties. As sellers become more realistic, buyers will be there." Thus far, this theory has proven to be true. The two Jills are incredibly busy, and in the past month bore witness to a notable rise in business...

No one knows what the New Year or the new administration will bring for 2009, yet it’s easy to predict that The Jills will continue to reign over Miami with their unrivalled mastery of the market. As both Jills put it, "We know there will be tough times ahead, but Miami will always shine."