Beyond the Red Tee


Jill Hertzber, Broker - Coldwell Banker

Handicap: After Hertzberg stopped laughing, she answered: "I think I have 35."

Strongest part of her game : her drive: "Now ask me the weakest part of my game," she requests. "It’s everything else. I make a good first impression."

Fun-loving Hertzberg says she rushed to the golf course last Easter to provide colored golf balls and scatter bunny rabbits all over the first green before her group teed-off.

"They thought the country club had done it," she laughs.

A tennis player and runner, the mother of three grown children only got serious about golf three years ago. She and Walder committed to a routine that includes a round of golf and breakfast every Friday morning.

"The thing about being a broker," says Hertzberg, who, with partner Jill Eber, were Coldwell Banker’s No. 1 residential real estate-selling team in Miami and Florida last year, "is that there’s never a time when we’re shut. So, it is very special for me to take off Friday mornings.

Walder says her golf buddy still fields phone calls while at the course, but Hertzberg is philosophical about the game.

"For me, what this has been in my busy, busy life is just an oasis. What has happened are more friendships, and just learning how you can – and you should – carve out time for yourself.